Brink Excellent 180 - Heat Recovery Ventilation 

The Brink Renovent Excellent 180 is a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery unit with an efficiency of 95%, low-energy fans and a maximum ventilation capacity of 180m3/h. The Brink Renovent Excellent 180 comes ready to plug in with a 230V mains plug and a connection for a low voltage multiple switch on the outside of the appliance.

Features of the Renovent Excellent 180:

  • Adjustable air flow rates via control panel

  • Filter change indication

  • Frost protection

  • Summer by pass

  • Low energy consumption

  • High efficiency  

The Brink Renovent Excellent is a heat recovery ventilation unit with an efficiency of 95%, a maximum ventilation capacity of 180 m3/h and low-energy fans.

Features Renovent Excellent 180:

• steplessly adjustable air flowrates through a control panel;
• filter indication on the appliance and the possibility for filter
indication on the multiple switch;
• a frost protection system which ensures that also at low
outdoor temperatures the appliance's performance remains
optimal and that, if necessary, it activates the standard
• low sound level;
• comes as standard with automatic bypass function
• constant flow control;
• low energy consumption
• high efficiency



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