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Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum cleaning system is an efficient solution for all domestic and commercial vacuum cleaning problems.

An integrated central vacuum system consists of a powerful vacuum motor, installed in a cylindrical housing, which is connected by 2" (O.D) pipework to a number vacuum sockets within a building. Then it is simply a matter of plugging a long flexible hose into one of the vacuum sockets to start vacuuming.

Central vacuum units are typically fitted in a basement or garage, noise is no longer a nuisance and it is no longer necessary to drag a portable vacuum cleaner around the house or office. Furthermore, a central vacuum cleaner will remove 100% of the dust from the building so that none of it is recirculated as with a conventional vacuum cleaner. So your home stays clean, fresh and healthy.

A central vacuum unit from Elek Trends has two stage filtration which makes it more effective. In the first stage, around 90% of the dust is separated from the air by the cyclone effect, illustrated on the right. The second stage is a self-cleaning textile filter which removes the rest.

The debris falls through a cone into a large removable container underneath, which only needs to be emptied a few times a year.

Not all makes of built in vacuum system offer 2-stage filtration with the cyclone effect.

Various cleaning hose lengths available.

A wide range of vacuum sockets available in a variety of designs,colours and finishes.

Various cleaning tools and accessories available for every application.